Bobby & Pam | “Dallas”

One type of romance that people can’t seem to get enough of is the classic Romeo and Juliet relationship style. When it comes to soap operas, one of the most popular couples was Bobby and Pamela Ewing from the show Dallas. The beautiful Victoria Principal portrayed the role of Pam while Patrick Duffy played Bobby. The popular show was about two feuding Texan families, Ewing and Barnes.

Bobby was part of the Ewing family, and he married Pam, who was a member of the Barnes family. Dallas got credits for being one of the longest-running TV shows. It premiered back in 1978 and ran for 14 strong seasons until 1991. While Duffy rose to prominence appearing on the popular soap, he also starred in tons of shows and films. On the other hand, Principal diversified her career as an entrepreneur outside of acting.