Taylor Swift – $17 Million, Rhode Island

Taylor Swift is a popular American singer-songwriter. Being an influential singer, she is known for her songs about her private life which is lack of voice modifications, and her sweet voice, for which she has received much widespread critical plaudits and media appreciation. As one of the pop giants in the industry who has a huge net worth to her name, Taylor Swift is one of the wealthiest singers there is.

Aside from making music, she is also making sure that her money is going somewhere worth having – investments. As they say, investing in real estate will make your money grow over time. So, it is not a surprise that Swift bought this mansion in Rhode Island for a whopping $17 million. Among all her properties, this one is said to be her favorite. She reportedly holds most of her house parties here. With its 1,000 square feet of living space, it can surely accommodate a lot of people. It has eight beds and a gorgeous view of the shoreline right next to the bay.