Former And Current LGBTQ+ Couples In Hollywood

Love has no gender and no standards – it’s just an inexplicable feeling that is often difficult to get rid of. Love, no matter what, will find its way, especially if it is true. This is precisely what happened to all of the couples on this list. They are the same gender, but they are unstoppable when it comes to being with the one they love. Furthermore, since same-sex marriage is legal in the United States, it was officially legalized in 2004 in the state of Massachusetts before being implemented nationwide in 2015.

It’s no surprise that people from other countries travel to the United States to get married. Just like any other relationship, there were some that ended up tying the knot (such as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, and Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi). However, some did not have a happy ending and even hired lawyers to void their marriages.

1.Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen


These two had the potential to be a great match, but their decision to split up broke many people’s hearts. As a brief recap of their love story, shortly after the former came out as gay, news broke that he was dating the latter, shortly after their meeting in 2010. They began dating in January 2011, according to Nicki Swift. The two’s relationship, like any other in Hollywood, was a rollercoaster ride. According to reports, they were imprisoned after being involved in a brawl in December 2011.

They’re lucky to have their attorneys on their side. However, this unfortunate event did not result in a breakup – they broke up only a couple of years later, in April 2013. Lambert, 40, is a singer, songwriter, actor, and former American Idol finalist. Because of his incredible talent, he is now the main vocalist for the legendary band Queen. Koskinen, 37, works as a radio host and entertainment reporter.

2. Alan Cumming & Grant Shaffer


This couple’s relationship is, to some degree, one of the cutest and strongest in Hollywood. The LGBT couple dated for two years before marrying in 2007 at the Old Royal Naval College in London. Cumming and Shaffer married again in New York five years later, on their fifth anniversary. Since then, the two have lived in the famous city of Manhattan in peace. Cumming expressed interest in adopting a child in 2006, but his successful career did not allow it. The couple is still together in 2022.

On the other hand, information about Shaffer is scarce, but he is said to be an artist and illustrator who has already had 12 solo gallery exhibitions. Meanwhile, Cumming is a fantastic singer, actor, and writer, to name a few talents. He is best known for his Tony Award-winning performance in the 1998 play Cabaret, for which he won Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical.

3. Alex Sykes & Wanda Sykes


Wanda Sykes is, to her credit, well-known in the community. She’s a stand-up comic, actress, and writer. She is best known for her artistic work on The Chris Rock Show in the late 1990s, for which she won a Primetime Emmy. Meanwhile, her business partner, Alex, is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Polycor. They married on October 25, 2008, and they have been together ever since. Despite the fact that their relationship had previously been rocky, especially because Wanda’s parents were opposed to it.

Her parents eventually accepted their relationship after years of estrangement. The couple now has two children namely Lucas Claude Sykes and Olivia Lou Sykes. Wanda has appeared in several films, including Monster-in-Law and Ice Age: Continental Drift, as an actress. She also participated in hosting. She will, in fact, co-host the 94th Academy Awards in 2022.

4. Alison Balian & Saffron Burrows


Some relationships, like any other, do not have happy endings, but they do have numerous memories to cherish. The same can be said for this ex-same-sex couple. To summarize their love story, Balian and Burrows were reportedly in a relationship for six long years before deciding to legalize their marriage. They did, in fact, tie the knot in August 2013. The couple has two adorable children, but despite their seemingly happy family, the couple decided to divorce in 2020.

For those who don’t know, Alison Balian is an award-winning writer who works for the long-running talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her credit in this program earned her the title of “Emmy award-winner.” Saffron Burrows, on the other hand, is an exceptional actress who played Lorraine Weller in Boston Legal and Det. Serena Stevens in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

5. Allison Mack & Nicki Clyne


They are arguably perfect for each other. They are nearly the same age, equally talented and skilled in their craft, and, of course, equally beautiful. To summarize their story, the two reportedly married in February 2017. For some, their marriage was questionable because authorities suspected that they only married in order for Clyne, a Canadian national, to avoid US immigration laws. Later on, the two were also involved in criminal charges that required the assistance of skilled lawyers.

Then, in December 2020, Mack and Clyne announced their separation. In case you’re unfamiliar with these two, Allison is a popular actress best known for her role as Chloe Sullivan in the long-running television series Smallville. She also appeared in movies such as You and Lost Oz. Nicki, on the other hand, appeared in the aforementioned superhero series as well as the 2004 film Saved.

6. Amber Heard & Tasya Van Ree


Amber Heard was in a relationship with Tasya Van Ree before her messy marriage to Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. They were rumoured to have been married in 2008 after being together for four years. Heard was arrested for domestic violence after assaulting Van Ree during their relationship. This unfortunate occurrence was only brought to light during her legal battle with the aforementioned actor. Regrettably, the LGBT couple divorced in 2012.

Amber Heard is a well-known actress best known for her credits in the TV series Jack & Bobby and films such as The Rum Diary and Aquaman. Tasya Van Ree, on the other hand, is a photographer, artist, and business owner. Her incredible talent earned her the opportunity to have a solo photography exhibition at Edgar Varela Fine Arts in Los Angeles, among other things.

7. Asia Kate Dillon & Corine Donly

Asia Kate Dillon is a non-binary woman who has been in a relationship with Corine Donly since 2017. There isn’t much information about the two’s relationship because they prefer to be together in a low-key manner. They did, however, appear as guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed their relationship with men. Furthermore, because they have been living a lie under the radar, there is no information about them marrying or having their own child.

I guess only time will tell whether they’re really together or not. Meanwhile, Asia is, to her credit, an actress who has appeared in TV shows such as Gen: Lock and Billions, the box office hit John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, and the 2011 film Hitting the Wall. Corine, on the other hand, is an actress best known for her role in the television series Viralcom.

8. Bridget Casteen & Dot Marie Jones


This LGBT couple’s marriage has been thriving – which is of course to their credit. According to media reports, the two first met in December 2010. Three years later – on December 21, 2013 – the two felt such an irresistible spark that they decided to walk down the aisle. If you’re scratching your head because these two are unfamiliar, Jones is an athlete and an amazing actress best known for her role in the long-running TV series Glee, in which she appeared from 2009 to 2015.

This role earned her a Gold Derby Award for Comedy Guest Actress in 2012. Aside from that, she has appeared in films such as Bad Teacher and Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia with Hate. Bridget Casteen, on the other hand, is an actress and athlete, which is likely one of the reasons these two formed such a special bond. She competed in numerous Arm Wrestling Competitions, winning a record-breaking 15 championship titles.

9. Camryn Grimes & Hayley Erin


Even though Grimes and Erin have their own lives now, the world, to some degree, still remembers their one-of-a-kind relationship. They even referred to themselves as soulmates but refused to refer to it as romantic love. Currently, the former is preoccupied with her thriving career, whereas the latter has been married to Irish actor Adam Fergus since 2020, with whom she has two children.

Camryn is a well-known actress who is best known for her role in the long-running TV soap opera The Young and the Restless – a role for which she received two Daytime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2000 and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2018. Meanwhile, Hayley is a well-known actress who is best known for her role on the popular soap opera General Hospital, for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

10. Cara Delevingne & Ashley Benson


This couple’s relationship is, to some degree, one of the most well-known in Hollywood, but it’s also one of the most heartbreaking. To recap, the two sparked dating rumours in August 2018 after being seen kissing. They eventually began dating and spent nearly two years in this romantic arrangement. They had their ups and downs, and unfortunately, the sparks died and they are no longer together.

Cara, as the world already knows, is a sought-after and well-paid model who has worked with numerous fashion houses, including Chanel and Louis Vuitton. In 2012 and 2014, she was named Model of the Year by the British Fashion Awards. Aside from modelling, she is also an actress, best known for her role in Paper Towns. Ashley, on the other hand, is a dancer, singer, and model. As an actress, she is best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, for which she received the Teen Choice Award for Favorite Summer TV Star.

11. Casey Breves & Sam Tsui


Because of the undeniable and widespread discrimination that the LGBTQ+ community has faced, the relationship between these two was once kept hidden. Others may not be aware, but the two met at Yale University while pursuing their respective degrees. Their secret was eventually revealed, and they even publicly announced their marriage two days before their much-anticipated wedding day in April 2016. Elaia Tsui-Breves, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2022.

As if no one knows, Sam Tsui and Casey Breves are both singers, songwriters, and video producers. To be sure, they’re incredibly popular online. The former rose to prominence on YouTube, particularly for his incredible covers of songs such as Fast Cars, Heaven, and many others. In contrast, the latter is well-known for his mashup cover of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and Sam Smith’s I’m Not the Only One.

12. Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer


This lovely couple has a 10-year age difference. Blitzer was born on May 8, 1981, while Wright was born on October 25, 1970. They had been in a relationship for quite some time before deciding to marry on August 20, 2011. Since then, the two have been inseparable, and there has been little news of them working with their respective lawyers to have their marriage annulled. They have twin sons, George Samuel and Everett Joseph, as of 2022.

Chely Wright, in any case, is an author, country singer, and songwriter best known for her chart-topping single Single White Female. Lauren Blitzer, who reportedly graduated from New York University with a BA in History and Philosophy, also holds an Academy of Country Music award for Top Female Vocalist. She is currently the Sr. Director of Marketing for Sony Music Entertainment, but she previously worked as the VP of Business Development for Sony Music.

13. Cheyenne Jackson & Jason Landau


Cheyenne Jackson was born on July 12, 1975, and Jason Landau was born on April 12, 1977, for those who don’t know. They’ve been in a relationship since October 2013, just as the former revealed on his Instagram account. The following year, on September 13 to be exact, the two walked down the aisle and vowed to be together for the rest of their lives. The couple welcomed their fraternal twins, a daughter named Willow and a son named Ethan, on October 7, 2016.

Meanwhile, Jackson is an actor and singer best known for his performances in the 2005 stage productions of All Shook Up, for which he received a Theater World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut. He also appeared in stage plays such as Damn Yankees, and Finian’s Rainbow. Jason Landau, on the other hand, is a well-known television actor. His most notable work was for the television series American Dreams, and he made his film debut in 2004 in Subway Cafe.

14. Christine Marinoni & Cynthia Nixon


We hope that their love lasts a lifetime because they are one of the LGBT couples who demonstrated that there can be long-lasting love between people of the same gender. Christine Marinoni has been married to Cynthia Nixon since May 27, 2012, as most people are aware. The couple has a son named Max, whom they had in 2011, but they are also raising Nixon’s two children from a previous relationship.

Marinoni, to her credit, has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and education since the mid-1990s, and she currently serves as the Director Emeritus of the Alliance for Quality Education, a non-profit organization based in New York. Cynthia Ellen Nixon, on the other hand, is an activist who has also worked as an actress and theatre director. She is best known for playing Miranda Hobbes in the television series Sex and the City, for which she received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Aside from this iconic project, she has appeared in Amadeus, James White, and A Quiet Passion.

15. Colton Haynes & Jeff Leatham


Perhaps no other character in the television series Teen Wolf stands out more than Jackson Whittemore, played by Colton Haynes. Aside from this outstanding performance, the actor is also known for his role in the television series Arrow, which catapulted him to stardom. Haynes began modelling at the age of 15 and worked with major brands such as Ralph Lauren, J.C. Penney, and Kira Plastinina prior to beginning his acting career.

In 2007, he made his acting debut in CSI: Miami as a minor character. He got his big break in The Gates in 2010. Colton Haynes had a romantic relationship with celebrity florist Jeff Leatham, who catered to celebrities such as Tina Turner, Madonna, and Oprah for a time.

16. Da Brat & Jesseca Dupart


Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris, is well-known in the entertainment industry as a rapper and actress. Among her albums, Funkdafied is credited with catalyzing her success and reaching platinum status. Da Brat has released several albums and has had notable collaborations with other artists to date. Da Brat has also appeared in films and television shows such as Kazaam, Civil Brand, Carmen: A Hip-Hopera, and Glitter.

She has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and three Billboard Awards. She recently married famous American entrepreneur Jesseca Dupart at the Horse Mansion in Georgia. Dupart is best known for her company Kaleidoscope Hair Products. The couple is said to be expecting their first child, and we won’t be surprised if we see more of them soon.

17. Dave Rubin & David Janet


Dave Rubin, a political commentator, used to be a stand-up comedian before becoming the face of Rubin Report. Rubin, a native of Brooklyn, studied political science in New York before breaking into the comedy scene. He settled in New York for a few years and began working on The Daily Show. Following a successful run in several comedy clubs, he launched his own shows and podcasts, including The Ben and Dave Show and Hot Gay Comics.

Rubin founded The Rubin Report in 2013 to boldly express his political views. He is openly gay and advocates for same-sex marriage. David Janet is David Rubin’s wife. The latter is an executive producer on the aforementioned show, which, to some degree, deals with free expression and big ideas.

18. Devin Ibañez & Fergus Wade


In the world of sports, a significant individual has yet again defied the stereotype of the sportsman. “I am openly gay,” rugby player Devin Ibanez declared on Instagram. In 2019, Ibanez has been linked to the New England Free Jacks and aspires to play for England in order to be closer to his boyfriend, Fergus Wade. The two met in 2017 while the latter was conducting research on sleep deprivation in flies at Harvard.

Since announcing his sexuality on social media, Ibanez has been overwhelmed by the degree of support he has received. Despite being on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of career, Ibanez’s boyfriend may have made ends meet. Fergus Wade is a London-based medical student.

19. Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi


It goes without saying that a ten-year marriage does not exempt a couple from adversity. Despite the numerous struggles and bumps on the road, a healthy marriage is defined by the daily renewal of the commitment to each other. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, who has been married for over 13 years, exemplify this type of higher love.

Ellen DeGeneres has made a name for herself as a stand-up comic. Her talent was first recognized on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, which paved the way for her to receive credits on her own show, Ellen. Portia de Rossi, on the other hand, is a well-known model, actress, and philanthropist. She appeared in television shows such as Too Something and Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher.

20. Elliot Page & Samantha Thomas


Elliot Page was born Ellen Page and was raised as a female; however, he publicly came out as gay. He made his debut in the industry in 2007 with a role in the coming-of-age film Juno, where his outstanding performance earned him a Teen Choice Award for Best Actress Comedy and an Independent Spirit Award. The same role earned him nominations for Academy Awards, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes.

It’s worth noting that Page’s breakout role was in X-Men: The Last Stand. Elliot Page was spotted with Samantha Thomas on the red carpet premiere of the film Freeheld a few years ago. It was revealed that they were dating at the time. They split up in 2017, which, to some degree, is unfortunate.

21. Evan Rachel Wood & Katherine Moennig


Receiving news of couples reuniting after a relatively long period of pining for each other is simply adorable! This was the case for Evan Rachel Wood and Katherin Moennig. Wood and Moennig were spotted holding hands at a museum gala a few months after Wood’s divorce from husband Jamie Bell. Unfortunately, their love affair fizzled out as quickly as it began.

Evan Rachel Wood first appeared in the television shows Once and Again and Digging to China. Following that, she starred in Thirteen, which launched her career as a young actress. Wood was, to her credit, nominated for a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her outstanding performance. Katherine Moennig has appeared in a number of films, including The L Word and Young American.

22. Ezra Miller (Open Relationship)


Aside from being a singer, Ezra Miller is a well-known actor best known for his role as The Flash in the DC Extended Universe. Miller has a lifelong passion for the performing arts. His first film appearances were in the 2008 film Afterschool and the award-winning film Another Happy Day. However, Miller’s role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower was the one that defined his career – it was, to some degree, the role that catapulted him to stardom.

Miller, a Harry Potter fan, was cast as Credence Barebone in the spin-off series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Miller said he identifies as a queer in an interview. As a result of a series of negative experiences, he began to rely on nonmonogamy and became involved in polyamorous relationships.

23. Garry Kief & Barry Manilow


Most of us are familiar with the timeless songs performed by legendary singer Barry Manilow. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that he revealed his 40-year relationship with manager Garry Kief after they married. It is worth noting that their wedding was held in such secrecy that the guests had no idea they were attending a wedding until they arrived.

Barry Manilow is one of the world’s most famous singers. Most of his albums became instant classics after their release. Aside from his success in music, he has also appeared on television, such as in the show Copacabana. Garry Kief, his business partner, is the CEO of Stiletto Entertainment and the head of Barry Manilow Productions. To this couple’s credit, it seems they are both doing fantastic.

24. Gary Janetti & Brad Goreski


Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti’s marriage is one of the most well-known in the entertainment industry. Despite being married for a long time, the couple decided not to have children. They do, however, lavish a huge degree of attention on their dog, Penelope. Brad Goreski made a name for himself as a celebrity fashion stylist and TV personality.

In 2015, he was a co-host of the television show Fashion Police. He also hosted the second season of Canada’s Drag Race. Gray Janetti, on the other hand, has written for the animated television series Family Guy and served as an executive producer on Will and Grace. In 2019, he released his first solo nonfiction book, Do You Mind If I Cancel? (Things That Still Annoy Me), which became a New York Times bestseller.

25. George Takei & Brad Altman


George Takei is credited for being one of the stars of the Star Trek franchise. Hikaru Katu Sulu, one of Starfleet’s most beloved cadets, was the character he played. Despite his fame as a sci-fi actor, the actor kept his sexual orientation a secret at the height of his career because of the prevalent attitudes at the time. That didn’t stop him from joining Frontrunners, a gay social club. Brad Altman, his soul mate, met him in this neighbourhood.

Altman was described by the actor as having striking good looks, and the two became fast friends. Their relationship dates back to 1985, but they have kept it under wraps. And it wasn’t until 2005 that Takei finally came out and introduced his partner to the public. In 2008, when the state of California finally made same-sex marriage legal, the couple made it official and tied the knot.

26. Glenn Greenwald & David Miranda


Glenn Greenwald is an openly gay journalist from the United States. He has been credited for writing for publications such as The Guardian, Salon, and The Intercept. He is currently enjoying success writing for his own online publication in Substack. Greenwald has been married to Brazilian politician David Miranda since 2005. The couple first met in Rio de Janeiro that same year when the journalist was on a vacation.

It was love at first sight, and they moved in together shortly after they met. At that time, Miranda was 19 years old and he resumed his studies soon after he started a relationship with Greenwald. He graduated from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, and he now serves as a Congressman for the Socialism and Liberal Party. In 2017, the couple adopted two Brazilian siblings.

27. Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita


Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a popular American actor credited for playing Mitch in the critically-acclaimed ABC sitcom Modern Family. The actor has been married to Justin Mikita since 2013. However, they first met in the late 2000s.

Ferguson revealed that he met his husband for the first time at an Equinox in West Hollywood. Their chance meeting occurred in the gym locker room, where Mikita approached him as a fan of the pilot episode of Modern Family. Ferguson’s character, Mitch, who was a groundbreaking gay character in a monogamous relationship, astounded Mikita. They stayed in touch through social media and began dating in late 2010. The couple became increasingly close and even founded Tie the Knot, a non-profit that sold bow ties. More than $1 million has been raised for LGBQTA+ caused by the company.

28. Jim Parsons & Todd Spiewak


People around the world fell in love with Jim Parsons on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, where he is credited for portraying the role of science genius, Sheldon Cooper. However, unlike his Physicist character, Parsons is openly gay. In fact, he has been married to Todd Spiewak since 2017. They first met in 2002, when they were set up on a blind date at a karaoke bar. The two hit it off right away.

Spiewak also mentioned that their connection was so strong that they even sang ‘I Found Someone’ by Cher. They began dating soon after that. However, the actor kept his personal life private. Fans first heard the name Spiewak during Parsons’ acceptance speech for his first Emmys in 2010. Fans didn’t know about the relationship until 2012, when Patrick Healy, director of the Broadway production Harvey, described Parsons as “gay in a 10-year relationship.”

29. Jodie Foster & Alexandra Hedison


Jodie Foster is easily one of the most famous actresses of her generation. People in the entertainment industry often credit her for not only being a talented actress but also being an esteemed director and producer. She has tons of accolades under her belts such as three Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. That being said, who is Foster’s wife? Alexandra Hedison has been married to the actress since 2014.

She is an American fine art photographer and has done exhibits across the US and Europe. Moreover, she also has accomplishments in the entertainment world, appearing in shows such as LA Firefighters and Prey. Foster has always kept her love life private. In fact, she only came out as a lesbian when she accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award at 2013’s Golden Globe Awards. It was also that same year when Foster began dating Hedison.

30. John Barrowman & Scott Gill


John Barrowman has long established himself as a respected actor on TV. He has been credited for starring in popular shows such as Doctor Who, Arrow, and Torchwood. Outside of the limelight, the Scottish-American actor is the loving husband of Scott Gill. The actor first met his husband in 1991 when they were introduced at the Chichester Festival Theater.

Barrowman claims that it was love at first sight and that he instantly knew that Gill was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. In 2006, the couple made their relationship official and entered into a civil partnership. And in 2013, the two made history and were one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in the state of California. Although the two have been together for a long time, they still don’t have any children.

31. Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan


Simon Doonan is an esteemed author known for the book Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You. He is also credited for being the Creative Director at Large at Barneys New York. Doonan has been married to Jonathan Adler since 2008. Adler is an interior designer and a potter. Moreover, he is best known for being the head judge on the reality show Top Design.

Doonan and Adler first met in 1994 when they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. According to Adler, even though Doonan was a bit remote and monosyllabic, he felt a bit of spark which called for a second date. The next time they went out, they watched the film Abigail’s Party. Doonan then found out that they had a similar type of humour, which basically sealed the deal.

32. Jonina Leosdottir & Johanna Sigurdardottir


Iceland has been socially progressive for quite some time now. Their culture has been accepting of the LBQTA+ community for decades. The civil union has been around since 1996 and their marriage law has been gender-neutral since 2010. Moreover, their former Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir, is credited for being the first openly gay PM in the world. Johanna married Jonina Leosdottir in 2010 and it came as no surprise that their union made the world news.

The couple has been in a relationship for decades. They first met in 1983, and at that time, both of them were married with children. Moreover, they had no experience in gay love. They first kept their relationship private due to the unaccepting views on lesbians back then. However, times are different now. Jonina even published a book, titled Johanna and I, which is about her relationship with the former PM.

33. Kate Mckinnon & Jackie Abbott


Saturday Night Live has been around for decades, and the sketch show has been credited for fostering some of the best comedians in the industry. Kate Mckinnon is certainly one of the top comedians it has produced. Moreover, the Emmy award-winner is the very first openly gay cast member of the show.

Although the actress is well-known for playing some of the most eccentric characters on SNL, she is a self-described introvert. She is notoriously private about her personal life. In fact, the actress doesn’t have any social media, which makes it even harder for her fans to pry into her private life. However, we do know that she is in a relationship with Jackie Abbott, a photographer, and fellow actress. Even though McKinnon keeps quiet about her love life, she is an outspoken LBQTA+ activist and is very open in talking about her sexuality and identity.

34. Kendrell Bowman & Anthony Wayne


If you’re a fan of Broadway musicals then you should be familiar with Kendrell Bowman and Anthony Wayne. The two are esteemed partners and collaborators in the industry, known for productions such as An Evening with Phyllis Hyman and Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical. This theatrical power couple was already in a relationship prior to their investments in creating musicals.

Bowman shared that Wayne initially got the idea to get into the business of Broadway when he watched Unsung on TV one. He was confident that people would love and appreciate his singing, and Bowman agreed. Wayne also stated that they are fortunate to be able to tell stories as gay African-Americans. The couple knows that they are presenting stories from an honest place. They are also aware that they have the opportunity to give an outlet to the gay black community.

35. Kiersey Clemons & Ebony De La Haye


Kiersey Clemons is a popular American actress, producer, and singer. Her breakout role was in the comedy film Dope in 2015 where she was credited for playing the role of Diggy Andrews. Like many other actresses in the industry, Clemons found love on the set of one of her movies. However, the interesting part about her love story is that she didn’t fall in love with her co-star.

Clemons met Ebony De La Haye on the set of the 2017 horror movie Sweetheart. She was the Flatliners star’s stunt double in the film. In an interview De La Haye did with Variety, she shared that her relationship with the actress started out as friends, but their attraction with one soon blossomed. After their time together on the film set in Fiji, the couple knew that their relationship wasn’t just a fling. Today, they are happily living together in California.

36. Kristen Stewart & Stella Maxwell


Kristen Stewart stormed the entertainment industry back in the late 2000s with the commercial success of the Twilight franchise. She is widely credited for playing the lead role in the vampire romance saga. Moreover, her on-and-off-screen romance with co-star Robert Pattinson proved to be a crowd favourite. However, the two are no longer together and the actress has been linked to other celebrities since then.

One of Stewart’s love interests over recent years was Stella Maxwell. Although the two were notoriously private about their private lives, here’s what we know about their romance. Some speculate that they met and started dating after the 2016 Met Gala. At that time, Stewart was fresh out of a relationship with singer St. Vincent. Although their relationship was an on-and-off-and-on-again type, the two lived together for the most part. The couple called it quits in 2019.

37. Lance Bass & Michael Turchin


One of the best things about ‘90s music was the boy bands. And among these boy bands, NSYNC is credited for being one of the most popular. After all, the band produced the likes of Justin Timberlake. However, among the members of the group, Lance Bass also made a name for himself for being an openly gay pop star. He has been married to Michael Turchin since 2014. The singer first met his husband at a mutual friend’s birthday party.

At the time, although the two became friends, Turchin was nervous around the former NSYNC member. He confessed that he was starstruck and he never imagined making the first move. On the other hand, Bass felt that he was attracted to Tuchin, but he was convinced that the feeling wasn’t mutual. Despite this, the two became friends, and after getting closer for over a month, they finally shared their first kiss.

38. Lee Pace & Matthew Foley


Lee Pace is a popular Hollywood actor who is widely credited for playing the Elvenking Thranduil in The Hobbit trilogy and Joe MacMillan in Halt and Catch Fire. The actor is known for keeping his private life away from the prying eyes of entertainment media. At one point, he even stated that his private life is important to him so he protects it. When he does media interviews, he keeps his focus on his work.

In fact, he only came out in an interview with W Magazine in 2018, six years after co-star Ian McKellen mistakenly outed him. That being said, we also know that he has been in a long-term relationship with Matthew Foley. Although the actor rarely shares anything about his love life, he sometimes posts pictures of the two of them on social media.

39. Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner


Lily Tomlin is a veteran of the Hollywood industry. She started her career as a stand-up comedian and subsequently rose to fame during the ‘60s and ‘70s. One of her signature roles was a Broadway production, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe. It is a one-woman stage show which was written by the love of her life, Jane Wagner. Tomlin and Wagner have been partners for decades and they first met during the ‘70s when Tomlin asked Wagner for help with her comedy album.

At that time, the comedian credits Wagner for sending her quality material for her recording. She said she was quickly smitten by the writer when they met. They quickly became a couple and have been together since. Despite the two having a lot of success in the industry, Tomlin only publicly came out in 2005. It wasn’t until 2013 that the couple finally decided to tie the knot.

40. Luke Evans & Victor Turpin


British actor Luke Evans is best known for his roles in films such as Clash of the Titans, Immortals, and The Hobbit. In 2002, he came out as gay. In 2019, sources revealed that he and Victor Turpin, a Colombian-born actor with acting credits on Will & Grace and Shades of Blue, had been dating since 2018. The couple had rarely been photographed in public together, but they sent fans crazy with excitement when they attended the London Fashion Week together several years ago.

On the other hand, apart from acting, Evans also showed off his singing prowess on the television dance contest Strictly Come Dancing. He’s also widely acclaimed for his roles on stage, while Turpin also has had his fair share of acting roles in television and film, including in productions such as Panama, See Dad Run, Greenlight, and others. However, their relationship didn’t last long as they went their separate ways in 2020.

41. Maria Bello & Dominique Crenn


The relationship between Maria Bello and Dominique Crenn is that of a powerful love story, standing strong in the midst of incredible challenges. They got engaged back in 2020 while enjoying a vacation in Paris. At the time, Crenn was diagnosed with cancer shortly after, and the latter has been very grateful to her partner for always being there for her. The couple had announced their engagement on their way to Elton John’s annual Oscar party, where they shared the great news with other outlets.

Bello has a son, whom she shares with her former boyfriend, screenwriter Dan McDermott. Bello was in a relationship with film producer Clare Munn a few years back. She starred in several films such as Payback, Coyote Ugly, Grown Ups, Lights Up, and others. Crenn, on the other hand, is currently the only female chef to attain three Michelin stars in the US. Her investment planning really paid off.

42. Marianne Dupon & Yasmine


Yasmine, the late singer, and presenter would have turned 50 this year, more than a decade after her death. Her real name, Hilde Rens, has left a legacy that extends beyond music. She was one of the first LGB media figures in Flanders, Belgium, which was a watershed moment for the community. Yasmine came out of the closet at the age of 24 in the 1990s. She is a Belgian singer and television personality who rose to prominence in the 1980s as a result of her career investments.

She married Marianne Dupon in 2003, the winner of the television program De Mol in 2000. They became Belgium’s first legally married same-sex couple just a few weeks after gay marriage was permitted in the country. Dupon eventually became an actress known for Biebabeloela and De quizmaster. Yasmine served as an inspiration for many lesbians, who identified with her as a role model in the face of the prevalent stereotypical image of lesbians.

43. Mario Cantone & Jerry Dixon


Mario Cantone and Jerry Dixon tied the knot back in 2011 after being together for more than 20 years. The latter is an actor and director, currently serving as the Village Theater’s Artistic Director. His directorial works include Barnstormer, A Proper Place, Take Me America, and many more. He was a part of the New York University’s Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program, which boasts of having molded the alum writers of Tuck Everlasting and Amelie.

His husband, Cantone, on the other hand, is an actor and singer with numerous appearances on Comedy Central shows, including Chappelle’s Show, Sex and the City, and Men in Trees. The couple co-starred in an off-Broadway credit that was directed by Cynthia Nixon, one of the leading stars in Sex and the City, in 2015. They took the stage in Steve, a play by The New Group, with Cantone playing the title role and Dixon portraying one of the lovers.

44. Mark Andrew & Gene Robinson


Mark Andrew and Gene Robinson have been married for 23 years. The latter is the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire and the Christian world’s first openly gay bishop. He sparked outrage in the Episcopal Church, resulting in over 32 congregations and a full diocese seceding from the church. They first met when Andrew, a Peace Corps volunteer, was asked to photograph Robinson for a magazine cover and article about his work fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Bishop Robinson had been married for 13 years and had two children with his wife. Since he couldn’t ignore his attraction to men any longer, he accepted it and openly discussed it with his wife, leading them to eventually part ways. After many years of marriage, the couple divorced amicably in 2014, with the assistance of a lawyer. The bishop became a symbol of the LGBT rights movement over the years.

45. Mark Gatiss & Ian Hallard


More than two decades ago, Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard met online at a time when meeting someone online was somewhat unusual. It was unusual to broadcast this sort of thing because it came with a genuine stigma, which has since vanished. It was during the production of Gatiss’s television sitcom The League of Gentlemen. Hallard had just graduated from drama school at this point. Gatiss is an English actor, producer, and director best known for his roles in Doctor Who, Dracula, and Sherlock.

He also appeared as Tycho in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Hallard has been acting professionally since 1999, and he recently appeared in the Battersea Arts Centre production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. He has also appeared in television shows such as Doctors, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and An Adventure in Space and Time, to name a few. On a lighter note, both are, to their credit, extremely dedicated pet parents to their Labrador retriever, Bunsen.

46. Matt Bomer & Simon Halls


As opposed to the dark, chaotic characters that Matt Bomer plays on television shows such as The Sinner and American Horror Story, the actor actually lives a private and quiet life. He’s married to fellow actor Simon Halls and keeps their relationship low-key. Fans didn’t even have a clue that the talented actor has been married for over a decade. The couple met in 2008 when Bomer hired Halls to be his publicist. Both experienced an instant connection and eventually started dating.

They decided to get married in 2011 but kept it confidential, deciding to share it with the public three years later. The couple chose to have an intimate and private wedding that included only their closest family and friends. They have three children together, but Simon already had a 3-year-old son. Their two other children were born in 2008 via surrogacy. With the encouragement of his husband and son, Bomer came out of the closet in 2012—credit to them.

47. Matt Dallas & Blue Hamilton


Matt Dallas is best known for his role in the sci-fi television series Kyle XY on ABC Family. He starred in many films, including Living The Dream and Babysitter. Other than being an actor, Dallas is also notable for his gay orientation. He married his long-time partner, singer Blue Hamilton, in 2015. That same year, they announced on their YouTube channel that they had adopted a son, Crow, who was two years old then.

They also adopted another child in 2022, a girl who has not yet appeared in their videos. Early on in their relationship, both were so career-focused while living in Los Angeles. After moving to Phoenix, they both realized that they were missing a child in their family. Once they learned about the Arizona foster system, they decided to adopt and foster to deepen their emotional investments in their relationship. We won’t be surprised if they add more kids in the future.

48. Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird


Megan Rapinoe knew she was a lesbian by her first year of college and publicly revealed her sexual orientation in the July 2012 issue of the magazine Out, stating that she had been in a relationship with an Australian soccer player named Sarah Walsh since 2009. After five years together, the couple divorced in 2013. Rapinoe had another relationship with a recording artist after the breakup and had planned to marry in January 2017, but the wedding was postponed.

A few months later, in July of the same year, the soccer player revealed that she had been dating basketball player Sue Bird since late 2016. In 2018, they became the first same-sex couple to appear on the cover of ESPN’s The Body Issue. By 2020, they were engaged in Antigua while celebrating Bird’s 40th birthday and her fourth WNBA championship with the Seattle Storm—no credit cards were needed on their vacation.

49. Melissa Etheridge & Linda Wallem


Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem’s love story began more than two decades ago, when the latter showrunner of That ’80s Show had a big casting idea and asked the rock-star crooner Etheridge, who’s behind hits like I’m the Only One and Come to My Window, to play a record-store owner on a television sitcom back in 2002. Despite the fact that the part did not work out, the two became best friends.

Etheridge revealed publicly that she was a lesbian in 1993. The couple began dating in 2010 and married in 2014, two days after they both turned 53, in San Ysidro Ranch, California. Wallem wrote for the sitcoms Cybill, That ’70s Show, and others, while Etheridge is known for his music that’s filled with confessional lyrics. The couple has achieved a high degree of professional success in their respective fields.

50. Meredith Baxter & Nancy Locke


Meredith Baxter married contractor Nancy Locke in an intimate ceremony in 2013 after years of dating. Close family and friends watched as the couple exchanged handwritten vows to each other, including Baxter’s five children from a previous marriage. The actress is well-known for her roles in TV shows and sitcoms such as Bridget Loves Bernie and Family Ties. Locke, on the other hand, owns a construction company in Los Angeles.

When the latter wanted to get sober from addiction, a friend gave her Baxter’s phone number, saying he could help her. Locke had no idea she was speaking to the actress for the first time because she only knew her first name. After months of phone conversations, they finally met one day at a Starbucks. Locke, to her credit, revealed to Baxter for the first time that she is a lesbian. And the rest, as they say, is history.

51. Michael Kors & Lance LaPere


Michael Kors married his longtime partner Lance LaPere on Dune Beach in Southampton, Long Island, in 2011, walking down the aisle barefoot. The couple had been dating for 21 years, beginning when the latter was an intern at Kors’ Paris office. Today, the fashion designer serves as the brand’s chief creative officer and honorary chairman, selling men’s and women’s ready-to-wear apparel and accessories.

The couple is one of the first gay couples to marry after having their long-term relationship approved by state laws. LaPere is a fashion designer who moved to New York at the age of 17 to pursue a career in the industry. He got his big break after securing an internship at Kor’s company. The couple made a $1.5 million donation to Roundabout Theatre Company because they are huge fans of the latter—no money loans were made. Kors and LaPere continue to create breathtaking designs for the rest of the world to enjoy.

52. Miles Brock & Milan Christopher


Miles Brock was a member of the West Coast R&B group Marz Boiz and appeared in several films including The Broom Wedding and It’s Christmas. He was in a relationship with fellow artist and actor Milan Christopher, who is best known for his supporting role as the first openly gay male on VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He was, to his credit, featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times for this.

They had created one of the most authentic storylines in reality television; the stories of Brock, a closeted rapper who was worried about what his family and industry would think of him, and Christopher, an openly gay producer who was growing increasingly frustrated that his boyfriend of two years, the man he wanted to marry, refused to publicly acknowledge him. Eventually, the couple split up and moved on to other relationships.

53. Monique Coleman & Kate Pierson


Kate Pierson, one of the lead singers and co-founders of the popular band The B-52s, married her longtime partner, Monica Coleman, in Hawaii in 2015. The New Jersey native and her new wife made the big announcement by sharing photos from their wedding day on social media. Coleman wore a dusty gold silk gown, while Pierson wore pink silk and a tulle gown. The couple chose to accessorize with traditional Hawaiian leis.

Other members of Coleman’s band, singer Sia and her husband, as well as family and friends, were among those who attended the wedding. The latter singer performed a song written specifically for the pair, titled Guitars and Microphones. She was accompanied by the Hawaiian music group Lim Family, and the frontman of the B-52s delivered the best man speech. Pierson sang hits such as Rock Lobster and Love Shack.

54. Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent


Jeremiah Brent, a television personality and interior designer, knew Nate Berkus was the one after their first date, saying he felt safe in his presence. They were both aware that they would end up with each other. They met in 2012 while shopping for furniture with Brent’s former boss, Rachel Zoe. The two quickly realized there was something magical between them, and a spark was eventually ignited.

People around them began to notice the romance in the air as well. Brent’s mother told him that the light had returned to his eyes. Berkus revealed his heart to Brent atop Machu Picchu in Peru less than a year later, and they married in 2014 at the New York Public Library. Brent’s brown leather chair from that fateful day when they both had the conversation is still in the couple’s Greenwich Village apartment. Theirs is a fantastic story about emotional investments.

55. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka


Anyone who has seen the hit television sitcom How I Met Your Mother will agree that Neil Patrick Harris’s character is one of the most memorable womanizers on television. Away from the set, Harris is a devoted partner to his husband, David Burtka. He’s even referred to Burtka as his “better half,” and the couple is about to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. Harris and Burtka are unquestionably in a happy and loving relationship!

Burtka and Harris have two children, Gideon and Harper, in addition to a loving and faithful marriage. Gideon and Harper have unquestionably won the parent lottery, as they have two wonderful parents to look after them. Furthermore, Burtka and Harris are extremely successful in their fields, and these twins will certainly not need student loans to complete their studies. They are extremely lucky indeed.

56. Nico Tortorella & Bethany Meyers


Nico Tortorella is a well-known character from the hit American comedy series Younger. Surprisingly, this well-known 33-year-old actor has been married to his longtime girlfriend Bethany Meyers for several years. There’s no denying that Bethany and Nico are a cute couple, but their story isn’t your typical boy-meets-girl romance. It’s a complicated one because Bethany doesn’t identify with any gender, but that doesn’t diminish their love and feelings for each other.

Tortorella and Meyers were married in 2018 after dating for eleven years. Interestingly, they’re now attempting to conceive and have children, and we can’t wait to see them become parents. Nico can’t keep his excitement in check, and he’s looking forward to directing all of his energy toward their child soon. Without a doubt, they deserve credit for welcoming this significant step in their lives with open arms.

57. Noah Galvin & Ben Platt


Ben Platt is certainly pleased with how things turned out for him in 2020. His joy was palpable when he shared a photo of himself and his boyfriend Noah Galvin. Galvin is a well-known actor who has received credit for his roles in The Real O’Neals and The Good Doctor, among others.

The couple announced their relationship a year ago, and they’ve said they’ve been together since January of 2020. We’re surprised that they’ve been together for this long without anyone knowing about it. Platt and Galvin had been friends for over five years before they decided to try their luck with romance. There’s no doubt that we’re overjoyed for these two adorable lovebirds, and we hope that their romance continues to blossom. Who knows, maybe they’ll exchange vows and start their own family in the near future.

58. P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes


P. David Ebersole is a well-known American television director with a long career in the entertainment industry. He is an independent filmmaker as well as a director, and he has several filmmaking credits to his name. You could say that his love of directing and filmmaking led him to his life partner, Todd Hughes, who is also a director, screenwriter, and producer. Indeed, these two seem to have been made for each other!

This cute couple resides in Palm Springs, California. Surprisingly, they recently released House of Cardin, a project on which they both worked. It’s a documentary that tells the story of a famous designer, and it’s clear that Ebersole and Hughes put a lot of heart and soul into it. Furthermore, both Ebersole and Hughes expressed how much fun it was to collaborate on something they were both passionate about.

59. Raven-Symon Pearman & Azmarie Livingston


In this one, we’ll have to speak for the 90s kids, and we’re pretty sure they’d cheer if Raven-Symone Pearman found her one true love. Pearman is best known for her credit on the Disney Channel Network, most notably in the show That’s So Raven. Interestingly, Pearman revealed in a 2014 interview with Oprah that she was attracted to both men and women. Despite her efforts to keep her personal life private, she couldn’t help but brag about her relationship with actress AzMarie Livingston.

Livingston is an actress as well, and the two have been together since 2012. It’s heartwarming to learn that Pearman is a huge fan of Livingston and that she and her husband enjoy binge-watching Empire together. Without a doubt, these two could have been included on the long list of Hollywood’s power couples, but they tragically split up in 2015, a few years later.

60. Rhea Butcher & Cameron Esposito


Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are both well-known comedians in the United States. Interestingly, they have more in common than just comedy, as they are also real-life romantic partners. One could argue that Esposito and Butcher found their comedy soulmates in each other. It’s also safe to assume that they’re a perfect match for each other, given their shared degree in comedy.

The couple eventually married and formally tied the knot, but they divorced a few years later in 2020. Fans of the two were quick to express their sorrow over Esposito and Butcher’s breakup. The two are now pursuing separate careers in comedy and entertainment, and fans are curious to know if they’ve called it quits for good. On the bright side, we can’t wait to see how their split will affect their comedic material and careers.

61. Ricky Martin & Jwan Yosef


Who can forget Ricky Martin’s catchy songs and enthralling dance moves from the 1990s and early 2000s? He’s best known for his iconic single “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” and he’s had a successful career as a performer. Ricky deserves credit for being an incredibly dedicated partner to his husband, Jwan Yosef, in addition to his music. Though his coming out was controversial, we couldn’t be happier for Ricky knowing that he’s in a very happy stage of his life.

Martin proposed to Yosef during an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show in November 2016. He described how he quickly got down on his knees to retrieve a small metal box containing the ring. What makes his proposal even cuter is that he didn’t ask Yosef if he’d marry him. Instead, he stated that he had purchased something for himself, which turned out to be an engagement ring.

62. Robin Lord Taylor & Richard Dibella


Richard Dibella is a well-known production designer who has worked on a number of Hollywood productions over the course of his career. Dibella is a career man, a married man, and an openly gay man. He is currently married to Robin Lord Taylor, who works in the same industry as he does. Taylor is a well-known actor and director, best known for his credit on the FOX series Gotham.

One could argue that being in the same industry is important to Taylor and Dibella’s relationship. Despite their hectic schedules, they make it a point to spend time together away from the screen. These two have been married since 2011, and we hope that they will continue to share and enjoy a blissful and happy marriage. We also expect to be seeing more of them in the future.

63. Ruby Rose & Phoebe Dahl


Ruby Rose is a name that everyone knows. Rose is, to her credit, a well-known model and television presenter from Australia. She’s also an actress, best known for her role in the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black. Rose has since appeared in a number of notable Hollywood blockbusters, including Pitch Perfect 3 and John Wick: Chapter 2. She is well-known for her relationship with Phoebe Dahl, in addition to her work in acting, modelling, and television.

Dahl is a well-known fashion designer, and they first met in 2014. To say they fell in love right away would be an understatement, as they had already planned to marry two months later. Dahl, on the other hand, decided to call it quits on their engagement in 2015. It’s unfortunate that their engagement has come to an end, as they could easily have become one of Hollywood’s power couples if they had married.

64. Rupaul & Georges Lebar


RuPaul is a well-known American actor, model, author, and record producer. He is also regarded as the most commercially successful drag queen in the United States. Despite his celebrity, RuPaul prefers to keep his personal life private at all times, and little is known about his long-term relationship with his husband, Georges Lebar. RuPaul and Lebar were married in 2017, according to news outlets. Interestingly, these two lovebirds dated for over two decades before deciding to marry.

Without a doubt, these two deserve a lot of credit for serving as an inspiration to all LGBTQ couples worldwide. RuPaul and Lebar certainly demonstrated that, despite being together for over 23 years, they are still madly in love with each other. We certainly wish them both a long and happy marriage. Of course, they’ve been together for so long that it’s not unreasonable to expect them to remain together for years to come.

65. Ryan Murphy & David Miller


Ryan Murphy is best known as the creator of American Horror Story, but his personal life is nothing like an American horror story. His personal life, on the other hand, is more akin to the American dream. Murphy married David Miller in 2012, and they had an adorable baby boy named Logan Phineas only five months later. It’s safe to assume that both Murphy and Miller wanted to expand their family.

When their second son, Ford, arrived in 2014, they were already a family of four. Ford was diagnosed with a health condition when he was only two years old, but he eventually recovered thanks to surgery and treatments. We can definitely say that Murphy and Miller deserve a lot of credit for Ford’s recovery because they were able to provide everything their baby boy needed.

66. Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli


Samira Wiley is, to some degree, one of today’s most well-known actresses, best known for her role as “Poussey Washington” in the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. She also played “Moira” in Hulu’s hit drama series The Handmaid’s Tale. Wiley is still a rising star, but she has already been recognized for winning a Primetime Emmy at this point in her career. Aside from acting, she is well-known for her marriage to Lauren Morelli.

Morelli and Wiley met on the set of Orange Are the New Black for the first time. As previously stated, Wiley landed the lead role, and interestingly, Morelli was a writer for the hit Netflix comedy-drama series. It’s safe to say they fell in love right away, and the couple married in Palm Springs in 2017. Morelli and Wiley jetted off to Italy for their much-anticipated honeymoon after their wedding.

67. Sarah Gilbert & Linda Perry


Anyone could argue that Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. Gilbert is a successful actress with numerous film and television acting credits, while Perry is a well-known singer-songwriter. The two have a ten-year age difference, but that isn’t an issue when it comes to expressing their love for each other. Gilbert and Perry began dating in 2011 and married a few years later in 2014.

What’s even more exciting is that this adorable couple already has a baby boy to call their own. They adopted a child a year after their 2014 marriage and are as content as they could be. We certainly want to thank them both for inspiring millions of LGBTQ couples all over the world. They have unquestionably demonstrated that love is love regardless of the circumstance. We really hope they remain together for years to come.

68. Sarah Huffman & Abby Wambach


Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman are well-known professional soccer players who share more than just a love of the game. Interestingly, these two are a couple who formally married in October 2013. These professional soccer players exchanged vows during a stunning sunset ceremony on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Some who’ve witnessed the event said it was such a beautiful day.

Wambach and Huffman’s marriage was a no-brainer because they were already living together in their Portland, Oregon home. Their romance could also be attributed to the fact that they were teammates with the Western New York Flash. They also played for Washington Freedom in both the WUSA and the WPS. We certainly hope that they continue to have a fruitful and blissful marriage and that they won’t need the help of marriage lawyers anytime soon.

69. Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor


Sarah Paulson is a well-known actress who has appeared in a number of successful on-screen projects, including American Horror Story. As an actress, Paulson has received numerous accolades to her credit, including a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy. Off-screen, this award-winning actress is devoted to her partner, Holland Taylor. Indeed, they are inseparable. Even their friends often say that they are, and it can only be because they love each other so much.

When Paulson and Taylor first met, it’s safe to say they instantly fell in love. They officially confirmed their romantic relationship in 2016, and their fans were overjoyed for them. Despite the fact that Paulson and Taylor are 32 years apart in age, they manage to love each other unconditionally. We couldn’t be happier for these two, and we hope they have a long and happy relationship.

70.Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle


Sean Hayes, star of Will & Grace, has spent more than 30 years in Hollywood and has left a significant legacy, which he credits to his rather fruitful career. He’s even played a woman, Susan, in the film Lazy Susan, which he also co-wrote. He admits that life in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy for him. He is grateful, however, to have his husband, Scott Icenogle, by his side supporting him.

Hayes and Icenogle met on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Icenogle was a deejay. Scotty, as Sean refers to him, fell in love with the actor right away and they dated for eight years. The two then decided to make their relationship official by marrying in 2014. They are not only friends on a personal level, but they also work together professionally, with Icenogle serving as the music supervisor for Lazy Susan.

71. Sir Elton John & David Furnish


Many things can happen after a couple has been married for a long time. Having marital problems is an unavoidable part of any relationship. There are reports that Sir Elton John and David Furnish, who have been together for over 25 years, are having difficulties in their relationship today. After all, marriage isn’t easy, so it’s unreasonable to expect all marriages to be running smoothly. The two met in 1993 and later married.

The gay couple was the first face of same-sex relationships during that decade, so when they married in 2014, everyone who followed their life was happy for them. There are now rumours that the two are outgrowing each other, with Sir Elton seeking his own recognition and independence. We can only hope that his hectic schedule does not add to the stress of the marriage and that no lawyers are called in.

72. Stephen Fry & Elliott Spencer


Elliot Spencer deserves credit for making legendary TV personality Stephen Fry happy. He is 30 years his senior, but their age difference has never been an issue. Spencer, a Southampton native, has always wanted to be a comedian, so he has surrounded himself with comedians such as David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr. So, how did the two meet? Fry and Spencer met in 2014 and became romantically involved in the summer of that year.

They married the following year. According to sources, the two have been going strong since their wedding, despite Fry’s personal challenges. Indeed, a lot of the people who know them say they are often inseparable. The good news is that Spencer has always been there to help. It certainly helps that they both enjoy comedy and the arts – after all, having things in common that both can enjoy is great for any relationship.

73.T. R. Knight & Patrick Leahy


They say that if a relationship lasts 7 years, it is likely to last longer. The good news is that T. R. Knight and Patrick Leahy have passed that milestone and are now in their second decade together. The former Grey’s Anatomy star shared a photo of himself with his writer-husband on Instagram. He credited three of his friends for facilitating his meeting with his future husband.

When asked about his plans for the next ten years, the actor stated that he intends to keep the relationship and extend it. Since 2013, the actor who played George O’Malley had been married to the writer. Fans of the two were quick to respond to their post with emoticons, as expected. Ellen Pompeo was another celebrity who expressed her admiration for the two of them. A few fans also wondered if he could return to Grey’s Anatomy at some point.

74. Thomas Roberts & Patrick Abner


As an MSNBC news anchor, Thomas Roberts is rarely the subject of the news, that he usually delivers. But when he and Patrick Abner started dating and eventually married, they made headlines. Abner worked in the pharmaceutical sales industry, which allowed him to travel to many different places. He met Roberts when he called a moving company one day to start a new job and move to a new location.

Long-distance relationships almost always fail, but Roberts and Abner found a way to make it work despite being separated for a year. They paid no attention to their gas costs when they visited each other. When Thomas was offered a job with MSNBC in New York, the two moved there for two years. It took 12 years after they met for the two to get married, and it was a joyous occasion for their family and friends.

75. Tig Notaro & Stephanie Allynne


It’s amazing that ten years ago, Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne were cast as co-stars in the indie comedy In a World…, but they didn’t fall in love right away. The reunion in 2013, during the Sundance Film Festival, would be the catalyst for the start of a romantic relationship. The two had been through so much together, including having twins and a rather happy marriage.

After that, they worked on Am I OK, a film starring Dakota Johnson. Allynne, to his credit, can completely relate to the film’s coming-out story because it parallels her own to some extent. Certainly, the couple will do more projects like this in the future because they will be able to tell their story and the story of the LGBT community in general. Fans are eager to see what the next few years have in store for them.

76. Tituss Burgess & Pablo Salinas


Hollywood relationship veterans would always say that keeping a relationship under wraps is one of the keys to a long-lasting relationship in the industry. The fewer people who are aware of the situation, the better. Install a home security system if you feel it is necessary. Titus Burgess and Pablo Salinas used to have a lot of power over the people who knew. True love, on the other hand, may never truly be hidden.

They were seen and photographed together at various events. We can see that the couple is completely supportive of one another. We don’t know what Salinas does for a living, but according to his Instagram, he’s a social psychologist. Burgess, on the other hand, is a well-known actor. They live in Harlem, New York, and, while they do not have a child, they do have two dogs, Micah and Hans.

77. Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black


Dinner dates are always romantic, and Tom Daly and Dustin Lance Black met at a dinner in March 2013. They could feel the sparks right away. At the time, Daley was in Los Angeles to accept his Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award. Black was a reluctant participant in the dinner held to celebrate Daley’s victory, but he did not regret attending. They didn’t know each other, and Daley had no idea Lance Black was a Hollywood screenwriter at the time.

Just two months later, on Daley’s 19th birthday, the two reconnected and made their relationship official that night. The two have a significant age difference, with Lance Black being 38 at the time, but that was not an issue for them. They proposed to each other in 2015, and two years later, in May 2017, they married. Both of them deserve credit for persevering in the face of adversity.

78. Tom Ford & Richard Buckley


When a partner dies, it is always difficult for the one who is left behind. This is the case with Tom Ford and Richard Buckley, with the latter passing away in September 2021 due to natural causes. Even months later, we can say that Ford is still sad and grieving to a large degree, but he has gradually been opening up about his feelings to those who ask.

Buckley was a well-known journalist and fashion editor, and the couple had been married for 35 years, but it appears that Ford is attempting to move on and establish new routines, this time with more involvement from their 9-year-old son. We are hopeful that the two will be able to adjust to their new lives. We can also anticipate that their son will want to follow in the footsteps of his two fathers and become a designer or fashion expert one day.

79. Tristin Chipman & Emily Saliers


How does it feel to be on tour and newlywed at the same time? It’s probably nerve-racking, but we have to give credit to Indigo Girls member Emily Saliers for doing just that in 2013. While on tour in Canada, she revealed that she had recently married her longtime partner, music businessman Tristin Chipman. They had been together for over ten years at the time, and they had a nine-month-old baby.

Back in the day, Saliers was a wine connoisseur. She is said to have a wine collection of at least 2,000 bottles. However, before having her child and getting married, she gave up on this. When it comes to parenting their daughter, Cleo, the two have revealed that they are open and honest with one another. Cleo can be very open about her life with her two parents as a result of this.

80. Zachary Quinto & Miles Mcmillan


Fans with keen eyes are usually the first to notice if there are any problems with their favourite celebrities’ relationships. The first sign of trouble was when Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan stopped posting photos of each other on social media, with the latter only showing images of himself and his dogs. Later, entertainment websites confirmed that the two had separated. They were not married, but after the Supreme Court decision in 2015, they discussed the possibility.

They had been together for over five years. Quinto and McMillan started dating in 2013, just two years after the former came out. He made a strong statement at the time that not coming out was a barrier to achieving equality, so he had to do it. Quinto invested in defending the rights of the LGBT community, particularly children. He has even been credited for inspiring many LGBT children.