80 Iconic Stars From The ’50s To ’90s

If we were to ask our parents and grandparents about the celebrities they grew up with, it’s safe to say they’ll mention a couple of different stars who rose to fame in different periods of the industry’s history. For this article, we’ll be talking about celebrities who became well-known figures during the ‘50s to ‘90s. Plus, we’ll also be looking at their lives away from the spotlight. Even though some of them aren’t active in the acting business anymore, one thing’s for sure: their work on the big and small screens will always be remembered by their fans. Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the article, shall we?

Pierce Brosnan | Remington Steele

Synonymous with his role as handsome and dazzling secret agent James Bond, Pierce Brosnan isn’t just a famous action star, he has also ventured into film production. As a teenager, Brosnan realized his passion for acting after finishing a brief program at the Drama Center. His earliest acting stint was in the production Red Devil Battery Sign.

He subsequently appeared on television with a major role in Remington Steele, which paved his way to future substantial Hollywood roles, especially as the aforementioned secret agent in the film GoldenEye. Due to his degree in artistry, he would, later on, reprise the same role in three succeeding films. Brosnan’s first marriage was with actress Cassandra Harris. Unfortunately, their love story was cut short because Harris’ lost the battle against cancer. In 2001, he tied the knot with actress Keely Smith.