Then And Now: Stars Who Have Aged Gracefully


Among the names of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood is one icon, Richard Gere. He has appeared in numerous films that had received critical acclaim, including Chicago, Runaway Bride, and Primal Fear. The multi-awarded actor also had his share of relationships, having been involved with the likes of Sylvia Martins, Penelope Milford, and supermodel Cindy Crawford. One would think that Richard has it all.

His career, however, took a hit when he spoke about China and Tibet in 1993, and he claims that Hollywood is now hesitant to cast him, hence he took a more independent turn when he made a comeback. This most likely had an impact on his financial standing, but we believe he is not on the brink of bankruptcy. His last projects were for The Dinner and Three Christs in 2017, which for sure had landed him some money in the bank. His financial advisor would have also warned him of any impending troubles.