Pride: Powerful LGBT Celebs And Their Partner

Kristy McNichol & Martie Allen

When it comes to years of being together, Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen are one of the longest LGBTQ+ couples in Hollywood. The couple has been together since 1991. Years later, they tied the knot in a private ceremony, but only revealed their relationship to the public two decades later—in 2012. McNichol said they decided to make their relationship public because they wanted to live a life with nothing to hide, finally getting the freedom they wanted. It looks like it’s one of the best decisions they have made so far, knowing they have been together for decades, and there’s no indication they will split in the near future.

Though there’s not much information about Allen, people are probably aware of McNichol’s identity. She was a former actress, comedian, producer, and singer, best known for a handful of films, such as Little Darlings, Only When I Laugh, and her acting credit in the drama Family, where she won two Emmy Awards.