Celebrity Homes With Jaw-Dropping Price Tags

When it comes to luxurious investments, it’s no secret that Hollywood celebrities are among the most notorious investors. Why wouldn’t they? They splurge on high-profile purchases that make them feel like a legitimate star. If you follow real estate news, you’d probably come to the conclusion that these stars are trying to outshine each other with their glamorous nests. It may not always be the case, but it surely does seem like these stars are putting more and more weight on their real estate portfolios as time goes by. If you want to have a glimpse of the most jaw-dropping homes in Hollywood, then keep reading.


When you think of American actress and singer Cher, the first thing that probably comes to mind is glamour. And for a good reason! The Hollywood icon has always been known for her lavish and posh style, and that applies to her taste in real estate as well. Take her $45 million Malibu mansion, for example. This Italian Renaissance-style home is where many of us can only aspire to live. However, it is very much a grand reality for Cher.

This home measures about 16,000 square feet and hosts some very unique decorative pieces like Moroccan rugs, hand-polished marbles, Gothic chandeliers, Mexican fireplaces, and copper ceilings just to tie everything off. That’s not all. Many would say that the icing on the cake for Cher’s extravagant home would have to be her view of the Pacific Ocean, which can be viewed from every room in the mansion. It is surely a classic and timeless investment.